Juices For Weight Loss – Homemade Vegetable Juicing – By Seema [Hindi]

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Juicing for Weight Loss but its not ordinary juicing when we talk about weight loss. Choosing a right vegetable or fruit is important and Weight loss juices made in different way.
Normal Juices are low in fiber but weight loss juices are low in calories, full of nutrition, including fiber.

As per my personal experience, these Juices works best for weight loss,
1. Cucumber Juice (kheera)
2. Coriander Juice (Dhaniya)
3. Carrot Juice (gajar)
4. Beetroot Juice (Chukandar)
5. Bottle Guard Juice ( Lauki)

Now you are surely thinking, where are Fruit Juices, for weight loss you should avoid fruit juices as they are high in calories, high in sugar, low in fiber. But if you cant live without them, then go with Orange juice, pineapple juice in limited quantity for weight loss.

And the best way to make these slimming Juices are, cut them in small pieces, instead of juicing, blend them with some water and weight loss spices like kali mirch, adrak, lemon and so. And use them as snacks between 10am to 4pm for best results.

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